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End of Another Chapter

End of Another Chapter

Posted: September 17, 2014
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Wow thanks so much for the follow back. I really like your blog, nice photos btw! :)

Hi! Awwww. Thank you so muuuuch :”> Nakakakilig ka naman.

Posted: September 14, 2014
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The Beauty Within

Posted: September 13, 2014
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     Thanks to my Mom and my Lola Grams. They have taught me and my siblings how to give even if we only have a trivial amount of entity left for ourselves. That is, I believe, the real meaning of generosity; you don’t just give customarily, but you give to those are in need, leaving no doubt and expecting nothing in return.

     I remember the very day when my mom and I went to the bank to withdraw the expected money that my dad, who is working abroad, have deposited.  I was 9 years old then. Skinny and wearing a thick eye glasses― I was totally a nerdy and socially inept kid back then. It was the very same day, for the first time in my history, to skip breakfast and lunch. My brother and I was literally starving. My mom didn’t have sufficient amount of money to buy us decent food back then. 40 pesos― that was the only money my mom left in her pocket; just enough to pay a fare for the both of us back and forth. So after my mom knew the money was not deposited yet, with great sorrow and dismay pushing against her chest, I saw traces of tears accumulated in her eyes. It was the most crucial down-fall of my parents that time.

     As we were about to ride a jeepney back home, there was this little kid who poked her attention. Bald, dark skin and skinny, he was of same age as me that time, he was carrying her baby sister in his arms, who I presume was about 8 months old. He poked my moms attention to ask for some trivial amount of money. I saw they are starving too, but I know they have been starving longer than me. To my surprise, my mom bought them 6 pieces of pandesal and handed them a bottle of water.

     As we were heading home, she told me to sit on her lap, since the money that was supposed to pay for my fare had already been paid for the kid’s food. At that very moment, I came to such realization how blessed I am still to have such parents who are hard working and generous. And from then on, I’ve learned how to give wholeheartedly, and up until now, I still imbibe the virtue of selflessness and generosity.

Posted: September 11, 2014
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